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Shenzhen Hengstar Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004. Nowaday’s Hengstar has 14 years  experience in R&D LCD controller boards, design and manufacture LCD monitors, industrial PCs and other LCD products.

Since its establishment, Hengstar focus on R&D industrial grade LCD controller boards.  Our wide temperature controller boards have been  widely applied to  industrial and military grade LCDs. In the meanwhile on production lines,  we assemble LCD TV, design and manufacture multimedia advertising monitors and open frame monitors.

In recent years, Hengstar has put our energy into R&D and manufacture high-end LCD products.Our products lines have products such as: SDI monitor  for professional broadcasting industry; industrial displays and industrial PCs  for industrial automation and control; banking kiosks for financial; high bright LCDs for indoor and outdoor information display and advertisement, etc.


HENGSTAR has systematic product series based on industrial grade quality,
industrial display

Tablet Pc Solution For Restaurants Enhance Customer Experience And Improve Efficiency

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Industrial Panel PC for using as an operator, or as a secure system platform for machine control

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High Quality Outdoor Digital Signage Lcd Waterproof Touch Screen For Advertising Display Monitor

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HENGSTAR has systematic product series based on industrial grade quality,
industrial android tablet

why choose us

more than 13 years experience in android tablet production

Core service

To guide the application of tablets in all industries, local services should be provided when necessary.

Research & Development Team

Thirteen years on, android engineers have focused on hardware and software development and product customization.

Quality Assurance

The company's product quality first, after-sales service can solve the product problem quickly.

Production Efficiency

10 days samples, 25 days batch orders

13 years focus on manufacture industrial smart tablet PC